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New Automation Process Cuts Post-9/11 GI Bill Claims Processing Times by More Than Half - As part of its ongoing transformation from paper-based to electronic claims processing, the Department of Veterans Affairs has continued to improve the automated payment of benefits for Veterans participating in the Post-9/11 GI Bill education program. As a result, VA is now providing benefit payments to currently enrolled students in an average of six days – cutting by more than half the processing time experienced during the spring enrollment period last year. (3/13/13)

VA Will Use 'Preliminary Findings' To Reduce Verification Denials - To speed eligibility determinations of Veteran-owned small businesses for Department of Veterans Affairs' "Veterans First" contracts, VA will allow applicants the opportunity to correct minor deficiencies before an initial denial is issued. Starting May 1, VA will begin providing preliminary findings to applicants before completing a comprehensive review of their submissions. This is expected to greatly reduce the number of VA’s initial denials and subsequent requests for reconsideration from companies. (3/5/13)

VA Joins With Million Hearts Campaign - February is American Heart Month, a time to educate Americans on what they can do to live heart-healthy lives. With that mission in mind, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Health and Human Services have joined forces to promote the Million HeartsTM campaign - a national initiative that has set a goal of preventing one million heart attacks and strokes over five years. (2/28/13)

VA Affirms Commitment to Innovation - The Department of Veterans Affairs is launching the VA Center for Innovation (VACI), affirming its commitment to innovation and building on the success of the VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2). (2/20/13)

VA Hires More Mental Health Professionals to Expand Access for Veterans - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced that it has made significant progress in providing increased access to mental health care services for our Nation’s Veterans by hiring new mental health professionals. Last year, Secretary Eric K. Shinseki announced a goal to hire 1,600 new mental health clinical providers and 300 administrative support staff. The President’s Aug. 31, 2012, Executive Order requires the positions to be filled by June 30, 2013. As of Jan. 29, VA has hired 1,058 mental health clinical providers and 223 administrative support staff in support of this specific goal. (2/11/13)

VA Promotes National Wear Red Day to Raise Awareness of Heart Disease in Women Veterans - The Department of Veterans Affairs joins the nation in celebrating National Wear Red Day today to educate women Veterans about the risks of heart disease—the leading cause of death in American women and women Veterans. VA employees are encouraged to wear red to symbolize their awareness. (2/1/13)